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Financial Growth Strategies is dedicated to helping you build the business credit you need to secure capital you can use to grow your business and invest in your future.  No matter where you are today and where you’d like to be tomorrow, you can take steps right now to build your wealth. With Financial Growth Strategies on your side, you’ll gain insider knowledge, powerful strategies and convenient tech tools to improve your credit and put you on track for obtaining five to six-figure lines of credit. Our program is truly designed to demystify the entire process and can be used by anyone to build and leverage credit to their advantage.


Financial Growth Strategies is built on the belief that everyone deserves to pursue their dreams—even if past experiences have resulted in less-than-perfect circumstances.  When divorce left her in the red, Kimesha pushed forward, bringing her own credit score up nearly 200 points. Ever-strong and determined, she has walked the walk—completing all of the hard work and research necessary to acquire the capital she needed to become a full-time entrepreneur.  Today, she draws on analytical rigor, financial incisiveness, an impressive network of commercial lenders and her truly emphatic nature to help others achieve their goals.

What  We Do?

Financial Growth Strategies is focused on educating clients all levels, including business owners and real estate investors.

  • Hands-on support and credit coaching (business and consumer)

  • No monthly fees or set-up charges

  • Fast results building credit AND acquiring capital

  • Software Access to our Credit Suite Platform

  • Pathways to help you avoid expensive credit restoration services

  • Solutions for Real Estate Transactions, Small Business Loans and Other Lines of Credit

  • Money Back Guarantee for Business Credit Clients

Rapidly Acquire Capital USING Our

   Finance Suite Software


Our Cutting Edge Software & All-in-One Technology Allows You to Build Credit & Acquire Financing

50K Credit/Funding Guarantee

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the banks won't lend you a dollar today!

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  • Better Credit Terms

    Ability to get high limit cards and accounts with low interest rates 

  • Credit Attached to Your EIN Instead of Your Social

    No more worrying about using your social security number for all of your credit accounts.  You will now have the ability to attach credit to your EIN

  • Higher Approval Amounts 

    Start accessing 5 figure funding, credit, offers & credit lines as early as 45 days!

  • Quicker & Faster Approvals

    Utilization isn't a factor!  Hard inquiries aren't a factor either!  That means you can access as much credit as you want and USE as much credit as you want without it having a negative effect on your score! 

Meet  Meesh




Who  Is  Meesh

Kimesha Janey- "Meesh"

Specializing in business credit and small business consulting, Kimesha Janey is a seasoned realtor with an incredible track record of helping clients obtain five to six-figure capital for their businesses and investments. She possesses a rare combination of analytical rigor, financial incisiveness, and interpersonal skills. As the founder of Financial Growth Strategies LLC, she understands how crucial it is for real estate investors and business owners to have quick and easy access to capital. She boasts an impressive network of commercial lenders and fosters long-term relationships with clients by providing financial solutions that are perfectly aligned with their unique goals, needs, and expectations. Kimesha’s experience providing solutions for real estate transactions, small business loans, and lines of credit, coupled with her consultancy capabilities and empathetic nature, makes her one of the best and most reliable experts in the industry.

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