Quickly Build Business Credit & Obtain up to 100k Worth of Capital & Credit in as Little as 90 Days

Changing Lives of Entrepreneurs & Real Estate Investors

Without Putting Your Personal Credit & Assets at Risk

Meet Kimesha Janey- "Meesh"

Financial Growth Strategies founder Kimesha Janey wants to help you build the business credit necessary to secure the capital you need to grow. She is a certified credit specialist, author and entrepreneur who has been advising clients on how to obtain five to six-figure lines of credit for their businesses and investments. In 2017, she started Financial Growth Strategies and today shares insider knowledge, powerful strategies and convenient tech tools anyone can use to build and leverage credit to their advantage. 


Financial Growth Strategies is built on the belief that everyone deserves to pursue their dreams—even if past experiences have resulted in less-than-perfect circumstances.  When divorce left her in the red, Kimesha pushed forward, bringing her own credit score up nearly 200 points. Ever-strong and determined, she has walked the walk—completing all of the hard work and research necessary to acquire the capital she needed to become a full-time entrepreneur.  Today, she draws on analytical rigor, financial incisiveness, an impressive network of commercial lenders and her truly emphatic nature to help others achieve their goals.










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Start Building My Business Credit Now!

Without Putting Your Personal Credit & Assets at Risk

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Why This is Different Than ANY Other Business Credit Program on the Planet!

This DIY software not only allows you to quickly & easily build business credit but also provides you with direct access to financing. 

What I decided to do was offering things that no one in this industry was offering for my price point.

Build Your Business

We start from the very beginning covering how your business must be set up for lending approvals

Establish Credit 

We help you establish Business Credit in only 45-60 days with strategies that will skyrocket your score!

Access Capital

Get unpublished secret lender requirements so you know exactly what you need to do get approved for many high limit accounts 

Watch This & See How Simple & Easy We Make it For You

Start Building My Business Credit Now!

Without Putting Your Personal Credit & Assets at Risk


  • Better Credit Terms

    Ability to get high limit cards and accounts in your business name without a personal guarantee and without a personal credit check

  • Credit Attached to Your EIN Instead of Your Social

    No more worrying about using your social security number for all of your credit accounts.  You will now have the ability to attach credit to your EIN

  • Higher Approval Amounts 

    Start accessing 5 figure funding, credit, offers & credit lines as early as 45 days!

  • Quicker & Faster Approvals

    Utilization isn't a factor!  Hard inquiries aren't a factor either!  That means you can access as much credit as you want and USE as much credit as you want without it having a negative effect on your score! 


  • How to Build Business Credit with NO Personal Guarantee 

    Access credit using your EIN instead of your social security number

  • How to Obtain up to $100k in Funding in 3-6 months

    Mind-blowing credit building strategies and unpublished lender requirements will allow you to access funding fast

  • The Proper Way to Set up a Credible Business for Lending Offers

    Learn what industries are considered high risk.  And what lenders are checking for before they lend to you

  • How to Set Up Your Credit Reports

    How to set up accounts that REPORT to the credit bureaus!  90% of business merchants don't report on time payments, learn about the one's that do report!

Read This Before You Go ANY Further!

If you are on the fence right now, I get it.  Money may be a little tight at the moment so you have to make sure your next move is your best move.  Well I KNOW this is one of the BEST MOVES YOU CAN MAKE so I'll take the risk AWAY. 


With my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


If you do all required steps in a 90 day period and don't establish business credit we will refund you upon your request.



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I was able to get 79k in only 90 days between credit lines, net accounts, credit cards & funding

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